Complications Bring Bliss……Sometimes

Complications are not always bad. By the way, it is not at all a theory of human cognition. Its just my outlook on few situations. Here are few reasons why I think so,

  • Any such situation opens up my brain in all directions and forces me think about its good and mainly bad consequences. Hence, giving me a broader picture of the so called “mess”
  • These situations make me think more practically then ever, and at the same time something keeps pushing me from inside to go for it
  • These state of affairs make me communicate with the people involved. And when I do that, clarity is inevitible
  • I don’t know, but the feat of simplifying something complicated has always given me happiness and reasons to preserve & protect it
  • And in the end, regardless the fact that I come out of it gracefully or bruised, I’m sure of one thing that nothing is going to stop the smile that I would carry on my face for that fact that I tried

I know that these Words Of Wisdom might have made you say,” What The Fuc* Is He Talking About”. But yeah, here I’m writing about a girl and a fuc*ed up situation, ergo the Words Of Wisdom.

Her interpretation of US,

They were both starved souls…One could not afford to fall in love and the other could not afford to fall out of it…..Each wanting more from the people…..Of Love, Loss and Longing!!

And trust me, its one heck of a mess. But as days passed by, it took so many twists and turns (some were beautiful and some were ugly, atleast for me).

My take on it:

Its not very often that you come across somebody and within no time you hear a serene voice whispering into your ears, “May be…this is the one”. Like a sheer incantation.

As I mentioned, its not often. Meaning, the odds of me going wrong are far more greater.

But if you know me, then you know the fact that so were the odds of all the best things that have happened to me so far.

So what is pushing me to pursue THIS COMPLICATED state of US? I did mention earlier about some twists and turns (yeah, this time only the beautiful ones). If I could get even the 10% of that initial promise for the rest of my days, I could happily grow old without any single rue.

Hence, I’m going to take her CONSENT (its mandatory for me), and I’m going to pursuit going from my side in the most sophisticated, sorted out and innocuous manner. I just HOPE this brings some bliss to me.

Yeah!! Its Not Romantic

Yes, an year has passed by and here I am logging back into my blog to put some words on the web space. No, I never forgot that I have a blog, but yes, I forgot how to write for this brief period of time. This might be because of my rusted head, busted spirit , wasted strength or culmination of all of it.

Ant Walk….yes, this is what this year has been for me. Now, I could label this as inspirational times, but I would rather count it as a tragedy. Ant Walk is definitely not romantic.

You might have figured out what I am talking about. This phenomenon is popularly know as Mid Life Crisis. It seems most of the Bob Dylan songs describe all the thoughts in my head. Below are some:

  • Blowin’ In The Wind     >>>> When I PRETEND to be the wiser one
  • Gotta Serve Somebody >>>> Its self explanatory
  • It Ain’t Me Babe             >>>> Yeah, you know what this is about
  • Like A Rolling Stone     >>>> This pretty much defines the “Crisis”
  • And there are few more……

So I reiterate again, this is not romantic.

They say time makes you wise, but why am I going crazy? May be being wise is nothing less than being crazy. But yes, my emotions have surely got diluted. Now I don’t enjoy the privilege of having alternatives for all my plans, and I can no longer afford to take people / things for granted. And you know it, its not romantic.

Fortunately, I know its not permanent. I know that “Change is the only Constant of this Universe”. May be I am a rolling stone now (I told you, analogy of Bob Dylan songs with my phase), but the dust this stone is collecting will certainly not create a sand storm, rather it would make this stone bigger, better and “WISER”. I bet, this is Romantic.

Fighting All Odds

Today I saw a fighter. I have known and seen people fighting for bread…fighting for success…fighting for love and fighting for materialistic things. Today I saw a fighter, fighting her own life.

With one third organs gone to standby, this fighter is fighting with her fist pumped up. With all the machinery doing unnatural things, she still carries the guts to smile at the jokes you crack at her. Today I saw a fighter fighting all Odds.

I felt her unparalleled love when she inquired about her kids having food while she is awake on needles and chemicals. I saw a fighter fighting all odds.

She complains of meds not being tasty, and wishes to have bread. And when you break inside and refuse, she tells you to eat on time and take care of yourself. I saw a fighter fighting all odds.

May the cosmos feel her strength and may death shy away. May she finds the pot of sneezes and own all the skipped beats. May she take my share of life and may she carry on for a longer while. May she get back her times when she hated help from other lives. Today I saw a fighter fighting all odds.

Frustration And Games

“Nothing frustrates me….and nothing can ever frustrate me”. Oh yes! When the wrong chord strikes, you fall on to ground crashing down. And this is what you can label as Reality Check.

I am a simple human being with simple thoughts. And when you see people getting hold of things that you can only dream of and the fact that you are in no situation to reach touching distance, compels the cracker to burst.

I do not care if the person on the receiving end deserves it or not but the fact that I get to bite the dust whenever I try to fly adds so much to the pain.

They say patience is the key. But hey, patience is nothing less than a slow poison. It drills you and leaves you rotten until it finds you eaten inside out.

But I wonder if this would stop me or anybody sharing the same story from trying. That is how human race rolls I suppose.



Life, Death And Afterlife

This has been one of the most thoughtful weeks of my life. So many things and revelations have happened around me lately which have compelled me to think of things which I have never thought of. Never, ever.

They say its better late than never, but now I believe that either its on time or its never. There is no scope for delayed actions. You should rather sit with your hands in your pocket, if you fail to get things done on time.

I have looked myself into the mirror and asked a simple question to the person standing infront of me. And the question was, “Justify your life. Instead of counting the miseries you have come across, have you ever done anything graceful that a bunch of people would think of you when you not around.”

You bumped into this world alone, and there is no single doubt about the fact that you would leave this world alone. And in between these two markings, your relations with this world is what that matters and it is what that is going to stay.

I would not mind having an orphan like death rather than having a bunch of losers shedding meaningless tears.

From this day, I am not going to hide stuff inside my head or heart. I shall go ahead and present my feelings to the respective ones the way they are instead of gift wrapping them because I do not want to end up standing in the sun thinking, thinking I wish I have said or done this. Because I have realized there is no scope for delayed actions.

You are not going to take anything with you once you stop breathing. No wealth, no grudges, no pain, no anger, no happiness, nothing.

No wonder I am talking about the most obvious facts existing on this planet, but the moment you realize them does change the person that reside the body of yours. And that is when you realize that you have been living a surreal life.

I have no clue what happens once you stop breathing, and I have no doubt that there isn’t anybody who would answer that question. But what you leave behind matters like hell. These are serene emotions and true feelings that cry, “How I wish….how I wish you were here today.”

If you could make atleast one person miss you or thank you after you getting wasted to ground, I guess that is when one’s life could be labelled as worth living.

This has been a week full of insights, but hate the cost at which it has come to me.

Procrastination Kills

Man….not today!! Will surely finish it tomorrow. “Oh! I have been left behind”, this feeling drains astronomical pain. But still I cannot stop myself from procrastinating things.

This thing seems to have got into me lately. I have been piling up things so that I can do them later and every day I realize that the rate at which numbers on the list growing is far higher than the rate at which I am finishing things off.

I have been trying to find ways to teach and preach my mind that procrastinating is not good, but unfortunately I do not see any luck. And why the hell am I writing this post, when I could do something more productive. Hmmm….because the ghost of Personal Blog-ger seems to have got into me.

I guess my short vacation to home have rusted my head a bit. Now I realize that I need to kill this procrastinate parasite before it kills me.

Goodbye Mr Apple!!!

What a sad post to start with! If you have little a entrepreneur living inside of you, I am sure that Steve Jobs is one of those personalities on the planet whom you look up to.

You need not be exceptional with your technical skills, nor you need to be a pass out of some magnificent university. All you need is hunger and guts to feed that hunger. As Jobs said, “Follow what you love and you would succeed.”

Since the day I first read about Jobs, I have read each and every article on him that I have come across. His speech at 2005 Stanford Commencement Address is one of the most inspiring speeches I have ever heard. And every time I listen to the guy, the little entrepreneur inside of me screams, “I want to be HIM”.

Correct me if I am wrong. Steve Jobs has made this world a better place to live with his iPods, iPhones, Macs and iPads. This man was not lucky, he was meant to bring changes. The fact that he was thrown out of the company which was actually co-founded by him and then coming up with new success stories of Pixar and Next, Jobs proved that with honest and sincere efforts, you can indeed change your stars.

Steve Jobs is more than an innovator, or a passionate brain. Steve Jobs is a phenomena that has influenced indefinite number of minds and would continue to do so.

Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish!