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Life, Death And Afterlife

This has been one of the most thoughtful weeks of my life. So many things and revelations have happened around me lately which have compelled me to think of things which I have never thought of. Never, ever.

They say its better late than never, but now I believe that either its on time or its never. There is no scope for delayed actions. You should rather sit with your hands in your pocket, if you fail to get things done on time.

I have looked myself into the mirror and asked a simple question to the person standing infront of me. And the question was, “Justify your life. Instead of counting the miseries you have come across, have you ever done anything graceful that a bunch of people would think of you when you not around.”

You bumped into this world alone, and there is no single doubt about the fact that you would leave this world alone. And in between these two markings, your relations with this world is what that matters and it is what that is going to stay.

I would not mind having an orphan like death rather than having a bunch of losers shedding meaningless tears.

From this day, I am not going to hide stuff inside my head or heart. I shall go ahead and present my feelings to the respective ones the way they are instead of gift wrapping them because I do not want to end up standing in the sun thinking, thinking I wish I have said or done this. Because I have realized there is no scope for delayed actions.

You are not going to take anything with you once you stop breathing. No wealth, no grudges, no pain, no anger, no happiness, nothing.

No wonder I am talking about the most obvious facts existing on this planet, but the moment you realize them does change the person that reside the body of yours. And that is when you realize that you have been living a surreal life.

I have no clue what happens once you stop breathing, and I have no doubt that there isn’t anybody who would answer that question. But what you leave behind matters like hell. These are serene emotions and true feelings that cry, “How I wish….how I wish you were here today.”

If you could make atleast one person miss you or thank you after you getting wasted to ground, I guess that is when one’s life could be labelled as worth living.

This has been a week full of insights, but hate the cost at which it has come to me.

Procrastination Kills

Man….not today!! Will surely finish it tomorrow. “Oh! I have been left behind”, this feeling drains astronomical pain. But still I cannot stop myself from procrastinating things.

This thing seems to have got into me lately. I have been piling up things so that I can do them later and every day I realize that the rate at which numbers on the list growing is far higher than the rate at which I am finishing things off.

I have been trying to find ways to teach and preach my mind that procrastinating is not good, but unfortunately I do not see any luck. And why the hell am I writing this post, when I could do something more productive. Hmmm….because the ghost of Personal Blog-ger seems to have got into me.

I guess my short vacation to home have rusted my head a bit. Now I realize that I need to kill this procrastinate parasite before it kills me.

Goodbye Mr Apple!!!

What a sad post to start with! If you have little a entrepreneur living inside of you, I am sure that Steve Jobs is one of those personalities on the planet whom you look up to.

You need not be exceptional with your technical skills, nor you need to be a pass out of some magnificent university. All you need is hunger and guts to feed that hunger. As Jobs said, “Follow what you love and you would succeed.”

Since the day I first read about Jobs, I have read each and every article on him that I have come across. His speech at 2005 Stanford Commencement Address is one of the most inspiring speeches I have ever heard. And every time I listen to the guy, the little entrepreneur inside of me screams, “I want to be HIM”.

Correct me if I am wrong. Steve Jobs has made this world a better place to live with his iPods, iPhones, Macs and iPads. This man was not lucky, he was meant to bring changes. The fact that he was thrown out of the company which was actually co-founded by him and then coming up with new success stories of Pixar and Next, Jobs proved that with honest and sincere efforts, you can indeed change your stars.

Steve Jobs is more than an innovator, or a passionate brain. Steve Jobs is a phenomena that has influenced indefinite number of minds and would continue to do so.

Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish!