Monthly Archives: November 2013

Fighting All Odds

Today I saw a fighter. I have known and seen people fighting for bread…fighting for success…fighting for love and fighting for materialistic things. Today I saw a fighter, fighting her own life.

With one third organs gone to standby, this fighter is fighting with her fist pumped up. With all the machinery doing unnatural things, she still carries the guts to smile at the jokes you crack at her. Today I saw a fighter fighting all Odds.

I felt her unparalleled love when she inquired about her kids having food while she is awake on needles and chemicals. I saw a fighter fighting all odds.

She complains of meds not being tasty, and wishes to have bread. And when you break inside and refuse, she tells you to eat on time and take care of yourself. I saw a fighter fighting all odds.

May the cosmos feel her strength and may death shy away. May she finds the pot of sneezes and own all the skipped beats. May she take my share of life and may she carry on for a longer while. May she get back her times when she hated help from other lives. Today I saw a fighter fighting all odds.