About ME


Dwarka Rao

Apparently you want to know more about ME and this is the reason you have just placed your mouse over this button and have clicked on it. Alright, before you get bugged and close this page, I would like to tell you why I have started this blog.

Obviously I am not any iconic individual that people would be interested to know what is bothering me, amusing me and engaging me.

Being a pro-blogger I always wanted to have a blog of my mine. So, this is the SOLE reason why I have started with this thing.

After all this absurd, and idiotic INTRODUCTION of myself if you still want to continue reading, I am not going to stop you.

My name is Dwarkanath Rao….yeah thats my name. I would prefer you calling me Dwarka as it sounds better than the original.

I would like to call this blog…A Personal Blog Of A Curious Mind.

Well I am a Database Administrator by Profession, who LOVES blogging. And this is one of the many reasons why I am so much into world wide web.

Lets Socialize!!

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