Complications Bring Bliss……Sometimes

Complications are not always bad. By the way, it is not at all a theory of human cognition. Its just my outlook on few situations. Here are few reasons why I think so,

  • Any such situation opens up my brain in all directions and forces me think about its good and mainly bad consequences. Hence, giving me a broader picture of the so called “mess”
  • These situations make me think more practically then ever, and at the same time something keeps pushing me from inside to go for it
  • These state of affairs make me communicate with the people involved. And when I do that, clarity is inevitible
  • I don’t know, but the feat of simplifying something complicated has always given me happiness and reasons to preserve & protect it
  • And in the end, regardless the fact that I come out of it gracefully or bruised, I’m sure of one thing that nothing is going to stop the smile that I would carry on my face for that fact that I tried

I know that these Words Of Wisdom might have made you say,” What The Fuc* Is He Talking About”. But yeah, here I’m writing about a girl and a fuc*ed up situation, ergo the Words Of Wisdom.

Her interpretation of US,

They were both starved souls…One could not afford to fall in love and the other could not afford to fall out of it…..Each wanting more from the people…..Of Love, Loss and Longing!!

And trust me, its one heck of a mess. But as days passed by, it took so many twists and turns (some were beautiful and some were ugly, atleast for me).

My take on it:

Its not very often that you come across somebody and within no time you hear a serene voice whispering into your ears, “May be…this is the one”. Like a sheer incantation.

As I mentioned, its not often. Meaning, the odds of me going wrong are far more greater.

But if you know me, then you know the fact that so were the odds of all the best things that have happened to me so far.

So what is pushing me to pursue THIS COMPLICATED state of US? I did mention earlier about some twists and turns (yeah, this time only the beautiful ones). If I could get even the 10% of that initial promise for the rest of my days, I could happily grow old without any single rue.

Hence, I’m going to take her CONSENT (its mandatory for me), and I’m going to pursuit going from my side in the most sophisticated, sorted out and innocuous manner. I just HOPE this brings some bliss to me.

So, what do you think ?