Procrastination Kills

Man….not today!! Will surely finish it tomorrow. “Oh! I have been left behind”, this feeling drains astronomical pain. But still I cannot stop myself from procrastinating things.

This thing seems to have got into me lately. I have been piling up things so that I can do them later and every day I realize that the rate at which numbers on the list growing is far higher than the rate at which I am finishing things off.

I have been trying to find ways to teach and preach my mind that procrastinating is not good, but unfortunately I do not see any luck. And why the hell am I writing this post, when I could do something more productive. Hmmm….because the ghost of Personal Blog-ger seems to have got into me.

I guess my short vacation to home have rusted my head a bit. Now I realize that I need to kill this procrastinate parasite before it kills me.

So, what do you think ?