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Frustration And Games

“Nothing frustrates me….and nothing can ever frustrate me”. Oh yes! When the wrong chord strikes, you fall on to ground crashing down. And this is what you can label as Reality Check.

I am a simple human being with simple thoughts. And when you see people getting hold of things that you can only dream of and the fact that you are in no situation to reach touching distance, compels the cracker to burst.

I do not care if the person on the receiving end deserves it or not but the fact that I get to bite the dust whenever I try to fly adds so much to the pain.

They say patience is the key. But hey, patience is nothing less than a slow poison. It drills you and leaves you rotten until it finds you eaten inside out.

But I wonder if this would stop me or anybody sharing the same story from trying. That is how human race rolls I suppose.