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Yeah!! Its Not Romantic

Yes, an year has passed by and here I am logging back into my blog to put some words on the web space. No, I never forgot that I have a blog, but yes, I forgot how to write for this brief period of time. This might be because of my rusted head, busted spirit , wasted strength or culmination of all of it.

Ant Walk….yes, this is what this year has been for me. Now, I could label this as inspirational times, but I would rather count it as a tragedy. Ant Walk is definitely not romantic.

You might have figured out what I am talking about. This phenomenon is popularly know as Mid Life Crisis. It seems most of the Bob Dylan songs describe all the thoughts in my head. Below are some:

  • Blowin’ In The Wind     >>>> When I PRETEND to be the wiser one
  • Gotta Serve Somebody >>>> Its self explanatory
  • It Ain’t Me Babe             >>>> Yeah, you know what this is about
  • Like A Rolling Stone     >>>> This pretty much defines the “Crisis”
  • And there are few more……

So I reiterate again, this is not romantic.

They say time makes you wise, but why am I going crazy? May be being wise is nothing less than being crazy. But yes, my emotions have surely got diluted. Now I don’t enjoy the privilege of having alternatives for all my plans, and I can no longer afford to take people / things for granted. And you know it, its not romantic.

Fortunately, I know its not permanent. I know that “Change is the only Constant of this Universe”. May be I am a rolling stone now (I told you, analogy of Bob Dylan songs with my phase), but the dust this stone is collecting will certainly not create a sand storm, rather it would make this stone bigger, better and “WISER”. I bet, this is Romantic.